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Remove frying pan from burner or un-plug deep fryer. Keep away from any hot cooking utensil or open flame. Allow used oil to cool to warm temperature (between 70°F & 100°F)
Open up spout of CobZorb box and lower it a few inches above the used cooking oil. Gently pour CobZorbinto pan or deep fryer with used cooking oil. Stir CobZorb into used cooking oil with a large sppon until all the oil is absorbed. This may take a few minutes.
Once all the oil is absorbed, move pan or fryer near a garbage bag and scoop all of absorbed mix into the garbage. Dispose of properly.
CAUTION: Do not use for absorbing strong acids, caustics and strong oxidizing agents. Store in a cool, dry area. CobZorb Frying Oil Absorbent must be disposed of in accordance with all federal, state and local regulations.