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CobZorb Cooking Oil Absorbent

1. Why use CobZorb Cooking Oil Absorbent to dispose of used cooking oil?

Many people pour used cooking oil down the drain, causing damage to plumbing pipes and the environment. CobZorb allows you to save money and protect your plumbing pipes from the harmful effects of used cooking oil. Also, CobZorb helps save the environment from the dangers of used cooking oil as well.

2. How does CobZorb Cooking Oil Absorbent work?

CobZorb is made of a highly absorbent, all natural corn bi-product. It absorbs quickly upon contact. Simply pour as much CobZorb into the cookware containing used cooking oil as necessary. Once the mixture of CobZorb and the oil has clumped sufficiently, and the oil doesn't leak when the pan is tilted, just discard directly into the garbage.

3. Can I use too much CobZorb Cooking Oil Absorbent?

No. The amount you use is dependent upon the amount of used cooking oil to absorb. Using more could hasten absorption.

4. Can I use too little CobZorb Cooking Oil Absorbent?

Yes. Too little will not absorb enough for the waste oil to clump without leaking, so it can be disposed of in the garbage. Frequent stirring of CobZorb and the used cooking oil increases efficiency of absorbency.

5. Is CobZorb safe for use in my home?

Yes. Cobzorb is made of All Natural corn by-products and is safe to use. Just make sure that pets and small children do not ingest CobZorb , since it could be a choking hazard if swallowed. Also, only pour CobZorb into cookware with oil when the cookware has sufficiently cooled and the stove is turned off.

6. How harmful is used cooking oil to your plumbing?

Very. Millions of dollars every year are spent on plumbing costs because of clogs and other issues caused by cooking oil poured down the kitchen sink. Grease can also damage septic tanks, weaken their walls and reduce their life-span. Grease in municipal sewer lines can damage and collapse them as well, as well as cause expensive back-ups into the home.

7. Is used cooking oil harmful to the environment?

Yes. Just like petroleum spills, used cooking oil causes a great deal of damage to the ecosystem.

8. Can CobZorb be used for liquids other than used cooking oil?

Yes. For example, if there is a spill of a liquid that a mop might not be able to clear, simply pour as much CobZorb as needed on the spill to absorb it. Then gather it and toss the mixture into the garbage. Be sure to practice safe handling of any toxic liquids.